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Financial Property Division


Steps Required

Alternate dispute Resolution

First you have to make inquiries about settling the matter without going to court by inviting the other parties to and where it is safe to do so, participate in dispute resolution services, such as family counselling, negotiation, conciliation or arbitration.

Explore other options for settlement, and

Parties must comply, as far as practicable, with the duty of disclosure by exchanging relevant documents about the asset pool.

Identify the Assets/Disclosure

If you are here, you must be already thinking that an adjustment in the property interests. 

Asking for to much will mean that your case won't settle in an economical manner and your legal fees will be higher.

Asking for too little is just as bad.   Our experienced solicitors have 19 years experience and can guide you to a suitable percentage you should be asking for.

So then we have to identify the property pool by making inquiries about what assets and liabilities are held by both parties.

Fair & Equitable

Then the Court will have consider the financial and non-financial contributions (both direct and indirect) made by and on behalf of each of you to the acquisition.

Also what the parties did to conserve and improvement of property.

The Court will then generally assign a percentage to each party’s contributions.


These contributions include things like homemaker and parenting contributions as well as financial contributions.   

Exampless : Mortgage payments, paying utilities, paying for home goods, home improvements, caring for children.