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Wills & Estates

Family Provision Claims

When preparing your will and estate planning requirements, it's important to remember that certain potential beneficiaries may not be happy with your decisions and may bring an application if they feel they have be left inadequately provided for.  Ignoring these risks can mean your estate is burned up in Litigation legal fees after your gone.

EPAs, Adv Health Directive

We can help you prepare your EPA and Advanced Health Directive matter what your budget.

Advanced Health Directives give you and your loved ones the knowledge and power on how you want to make your health care decisions.

Testamentary Trusts

We can help you prepare your will, no matter what your budget.  Testamentary trusts offer protection from outsiders, tax and guardianship of children.  

At the end of a relationship, it's one of the most important times to make a new will.  

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We can help obtain probate after the death of a loved one