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Urgent Recovery Orders

Recovery v Relocation

What is the difference between a Recovery Order and a Relocation Order?

Recovery orders are when your children are taken away.

Relocation orders are when your ex partner unilaterally decides to move away from their ordinary residence to another city.


We can help in emergencies.  Generally, this can happen at the worst possible time.  We pride ourselves on being available to our clients even in urgent circumstances.  Late at night.  Weekends.  Public Holidays. 

Recovery Orders

Is your partner refusing to return the child in accordance with the normal care arrangements?  Is the child or children at risk?  But you don't have an order in place? 

Our Solicitors have a unique track record in seeking orders from the Court to order the immediate return of the children.

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Has your partner unilaterally relocated to another city, town or state without discussing the matter with you?

We can help you organise their return in some circumstances.