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Children's Matters

Our experienced professionals can assist you with your parenting disputes, whether it's just some advice, assisting you draw up a parenting plan or when it comes to a litigation after all else fails. 

The animosity between parties in dispute can put a child’s needs to the background.  Our Solicitors can remove the emotions and ensure your child’s best interest is put first.  Our experienced child custody solicitor can help better prepare for the mediation or trial.

We will tell you the law, how it applies to you and what your chances of success are in achieving your desired outcome.

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Mediation - First Step

The system now requires all parties to attempt to mediate when possible, unless the matter is urgent like a recover order or where there is domestic violence.

You can literally save 10s of 1000s of dollars if you and your ex can work through the problem amicably.

Whether you require a mediator or just some advice, we can assist you.  

Options are Parenting Plans, Consent Agreement or when all else fails, litigation. 

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Parenting Plans

Have you both already decided on an amicable way for the children to spend time together but need the agreement put in writing?  We can help you.  Call now.

Having a written plan that already agreed to between the parties is a cheap effective way to document the how the parties share parenting with each other.

Recovery Orders

Is your partner refusing to return the child in accordance with the normal care arrangements?  Is the child or children at risk?  But you don't have an order in place? 

Our Solicitors have a unique track record in seeking orders from the Court to order the immediate return of the children.

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Relocation Orders

Has your partner unilaterally relocated to another city, town or state without discussing the matter with you?

We can help you organise their return in some circumstances.